Cut SMS costs by 50%, with Web Messenger

Clinicians will find Web Messenger as easy to use as sending an SMS, but with the added benefits of lower SMS costs, improved engagement, and even easier patient replies.

Available soon, for free.

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More effective than SMS

Reduce Costs

The average CCG could save over £137,000 per year by using MJog Web Messenger

Rich Messaging

Add videos and images to your messages to increase patient engagement, free

No Apps

There's no need for your patients to download any apps, it's just ready to go

Try for Free

Web Messenger is free for all CCGs with MJog Smart, and if haven't got that, that's free too

"This is revolutionary for CCGs. It's an essential part of our cost-saving strategy moving forwards"

Matthew Newton (Primary Care Operations Manager, Thameside CCG)

"Segment Saver will be a game-changer for our CCG, reducing costs and increasing patient engagement"

Bret (Sussex CCG)

Increase your patient engagement

Smart messaging creates an engaging patient experience through images and video. Patients can press buttons, input medical data, and send images back to the clinician as well.

Of course, MJog will code their response to their record for you automatically.

Easy for you to send Easier for patients to read

No one likes reading a long SMS message, which is why Web Messenger prioritises Smart messaging.

For patients, Web Messenger's Smart messages are much easier and more engaging to read and respond to.

Smart messages will be even easier to send, with continuous improvements being made to our client interfaces over the coming months.

Start saving, for free


What if my patients don't have a phone with internet?

Patients have the ability to opt-out at anytime. MJog will default that patient to SMS.

Does the clinician need to design the Web Messenger message?

No, although they can if they want to. Web Messenger is designed to be left on in the background, shortening SMS messages and saving money for the NHS/CCG. As Web Messenger uses the MJog Smart interface, it's easy to design your own messages or simply adapt one of our many templates.

How many SMS segments is a Web Messenger message?

One segment.

How long can a message with Web Messenger be?

The native mobile app has an internal message limit of 50,000 characters. There are plans to raise this limit to 150,000 soon, then 300,000 later. Note there is nothing preventing a message referencing graphics and other media hosted elsewhere.

How long does Web Messenger store a patient's message?

By default they are stored for 120 days, however more flexible per-message limits are under consideration.

How secure is Web Messenger?

Very. All information contained in the message is encrypted ‘at rest’ and ‘in transit’.

How will Web Messenger affect Messenger App users?

Web Messenger supplements rather than replaces MJog Messenger (the app). If the recipient is registered as a Messenger app user then the message is delivered as normal. However, if the patient does not respond within a period of time a supplementary SMS/Web Messenger will be generated, the delay is configured within the MJog client.